Mission Statement

Matador Distributing LLC is a best in class distributor partner focused on maximizing customer service through innovation and employee development by driving a sales culture with a passion for winning.

Corporate Values

  • Relationships: We believe that mutually beneficial and trusting relationships with our supplier and our customers is in the best interest of long term growth and profitability. By creating and improving relationships, we will over-deliver value in all aspects of business.
  • Integrity: We believe that our business must be founded on integrity. We live up to our agreements and deal honestly with each other as employees and as partners. We build relationships with customers and employees who exhibit integrity.
  • Innovation: We believe that we create a brighter future by proactive and forward thinking. We challenge each other to find better methods and practices and to openly share ideas for business improvements and efficiencies.
  • Respect: We respect individuals, communities and our environment. We recognize the intrinsic worth and contributions of our customers, employees and supplier—all of whom are an integral part of our business. We interact with each other on a “win-win” basis, recognizing and expecting mutual accountability and responsibility.
  • Leadership: We exercise leadership in our category. We lead by example. All employees are expected to contribute towards providing leadership as the category leader.
  • Profitability: We believe in the purpose and spirit of the free enterprise system. We have responsibility for achieving financial viability and profitability.
  • Winning: We believe in winning. We will actively promote winning attitudes. We will achieve challenging goals while seeking new and better ways to win.