Matador Distributing

James Edward and Companies began in 1994 as a full service broker firm that helped innovative beverage brands set up distribution. In the early 1990’s, Red Bull was already an established brand in Europe, however It was virtually unknown in the US. In 1997 Red Bull North America was founded and began distribution of Red Bull in America. James (Jim) Rubenstein, President and CEO of James Edward and Companies, Inc. was intrigued by the “Red Bull phenomenon” that was sweeping over Europe. Jim was sure that it could become more than just a popular drink in the U.S. In 1997 Jim wrote to Red Bull and asked to broker their product in the U.S. though his current food and beverage brokerage firm at the time. However, Red Bull was looking for independent distributors, not brokers. If Jim wanted to be a part of the Red Bull brand, he would have to start an entirely new company. Convinced of Red Bull’s potential, Jim and his partners mobilized into action. Today, James Edward and Companies service more than 13,000 retailers alongside its three distribution companies, house over 280 employees and is continuously growing!

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Matador Distributing began its operations in March 2000 in Atlanta, GA as James Edward and Companies first exclusive Red Bull Distributor.